As ferocious as a horde of zombies might seem, they’re hard to take seriously when they’re harmonizing in a rap song. It seems their talent is under appreciated.

Thanks to the audio genius behind the popular series, “Bad Lip Reading,” a new video featuring clips from Season 4 of The Walking Dead highlights the best parts of our favorite zombie show. Since we’re an apocalyptic-loving generation, it’s no wonder this creation of bad lip syncs and misunderstood zombies is now trending across the Internet. It’s impossible to keep a straight face watching Carl breakout his frustrated emotions while a chorus of zombie background singers croon supportively. In addition to the finger-drumming beat provided by our melancholy teenager, the snarky dialogue between heroes and zombies is to die for, pun totally intended. It’s five minutes of gory perfection, so if you love zombies and words that don’t make sense, clink on the link.