As the most recent breakout musical act from Duval, Yuno stormed onto the national scene with the 2018 single “No Going Back” and the EP Moodie, released by unimpeachably cool Seattle label Sub Pop. As literal a bedroom pop artist as can be imagined–he produced the overwhelming majority of Moodie alone in his bedroom in the Arlington neighborhood of JaxYuno dressed up “No Going Back” in a tapestry of digital accoutrements, and unleashed the bouncy, shimmering, very Tame Impala-esque number on an audience primed for a summery pop banger.

Sonically then, “Somebody,” Yuno’s first original release since the aforementioned Moodie, is certainly a departure. Opening with the white noise of growling guitars and ambient vocals, the song kicks into high gear as it mimics a kind of rude awakening, 808-style beats and relatively lively Yuno kvetching about lonely nights and getting through another week, followed by a buoyant chorus.

Modern rock soundscape. Confessional lyrics. Anthemic chorus. Yuno’s gone emo!

“Spending so much time at home during the pandemic brought back a lot of feelings from my adolescence. I grew up as somewhat of a loner—spending most of my time isolated in my bedroom, and I wanted to capture the parallels between my life now and the life of my younger self,” Yuno said in a statement. “I drew a lot from the pop-punk, post-hardcore, reggae, and southern hip hop that I’ve loved throughout my life. I feel like my 14-year-old self would be very proud.”

Given the 2020 we all experienced (and the start of 2021, to be honest), perhaps Yuno’s timing couldn’t be better. Certainly we can empathize with the feelings of isolation expressed on “Somebody.” And, speaking for myself, 14-year old me what be turning this one up to 11.

Click play to hear Yuno go emo.