It might be time to consider communicating with actual words again. You know … the way people did in the dark ages. It turns out that emojis aren’t a universal language after all, and your interpretation of these modern hieroglyphs can depend on what kind of phone you’re using.

If you’ve ever mysteriously had a text conversation derail while you were using emojis to punctuate your feelings, this might answer your lingering existential questions about what went wrong.

The most commonly misinterpreted face is apparently called “grinning face with smiling eyes” (?). If you’re on an iPhone, it really looks more like someone uncomfortably baring their teeth as they suffer through a painful conversation. On a Samsung phone it shows up as a widely smiling face that conveys excitement and joy. If you are attempting to engage in a mixed-tech relationship, using this particular face could be a death sentence in the wrong context.

There are several other emojis that look significantly different on various platforms, but that one seems to be the most dramatic.


Let’s all try to learn a couple of important lessons from this. First of all, use your words. You are a grown up. Second, but equally important, stay away from people who use Google phones because who knows what is going on with those creepy lumpy blob emojis they have. You don’t need that mess in your life.