Netflix quietly raised their monthly fee two years ago, but allowed existing accounts to be grandfathered in at the time. This means that if you’ve been a loyal Netflix subscriber since before May 2014, you’re currently paying the old rate of $7.99 a month for the beloved streaming service. Anyone who joined after May 2014 has been paying $9.99. They were nice enough to let millions of people keep the lower price for all this time … until now.


Starting in May, everyone will be moved up to the new pricing plan. It’s not a huge increase, and it’s well worth it if Netflix is your primary source of visual entertainment. A lot of people may not realize it’s happening though, so here’s your prior warning. If you’re already paying $9.99, then this won’t affect you, so carry on with your binge watching. If unlimited HD streams of thousands of movies and TV shows isn’t worth $9.99 a month to you, then maybe you’d be better off going back to cable and paying $80 a month for 400 separate channels devoted to Spanish soccer games.