Meet the nightmare creature that was built specifically to survive a car accident. Created by Australian researchers and artists, this lost Star Wars Cantina-dweller, named Graham for some reason, was designed to show what the human body would need to look like in order to walk away intact from a violent car accident in a modern vehicle.

Meant to bring awareness to road safety in Australia, the project has certainly grabbed the attention of the internet with it’s somewhat nauseating form. Looking at photos of Graham induces similar feelings to someone repeatedly whispering the word “moist” into your ear.


It’s hard to look away from all those nipples

It does make you think twice about the incredible danger we put ourselves in each time we get behind the wheel. Airbags and seatbelts can only do so much on their own, as you may recall from watching those old safety videos of dummies crashing walls in slow-mo. The human body is essentially just a water balloon filled with goo and toothpicks, ready to break open when the right amount of force is applied.


Drive safe kids! Always wear your seatbelt, and never nap at the wheel.