The Wu-Tang Clan’s newest album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, has only been heard so far at a semi-secret listening party, but according to the the group, it is going to be auctioned to the highest bidder … and locked away. All the digital copies of the new record have been destroyed, and only one hard copy currently exists. It is also under copyright 2103, a short 88 years from today. That means it will only be heard by the public if the owner lets it go for free.

This may be Wu-Tang’s last album ever, and it even features all eight living artists, along with Redman and their usual affiliates. RZA has said that he supports the plan, but we just hope whoever buys this thing is nice enough to share it. Please?


“This has never been done before,” said RZA,  “Music is just handed out now, the industry is in crisis. People feel like they deserve to have it for free. This is art. You can take a picture of the Mona Lisa but that’s not art. The same with this: you can never reproduce it – this is the final thing.”

Method Man has had different feelings on the plan to auction it off. Him and others have said they did it for the fans. Do you agree with the fact that one of the most iconic hip hop group’s last full album is only being sold to one person, and not heard for 88 years? Or should that person just leak it for free?

You can here 51 seconds of the album on this video below. Then just wait till 2103 to hear more.