Piff The Magic Dragon — he may not live by the sea, but he sure is full of magic. Piff, with the help of his chihuahua and partner in crime, Mr. Piffles, the duo is sure to wow you with their magic tricks. Even if they don’t, they’ll undoubtedly make you laugh your ass off. Brave Mr.Piffles has been levitated and even shot out of a cannon, which sounds a little cruel until you see how Piff accomplishes these feats.

He has over 12 million YouTube hits and has performed in venues such as Radio City Music Hall, the O2 and both the London and Sydney Opera House.

Piff was also a standout star of Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us,” a magic competition TV show from the U.K. “Imagine Larry David in a dragon suit performing jaw-dropping magic tricks and you’re on the right track,” said the duo when attempting to describe Piff’s unique performance style. Piff and Mr. Piffles originally got their start on “America’s Got Talent,” wowing the crowd and all four judges. With his hilarious combo as a magician and comedian, they made it to the final round of “America’s Got Talent.”

If you missed them on the show, you for sure don’t want to miss them this weekend. They will fly into The Comedy Zone with their fierce dragon wings Thursday, Friday and Saturday.