Last week, Apple introduced the newest class of the iPhone.

In addition to unveiling a snazzy, metallic-colored seventh generation 5s with an insanely increased processing speed and fingerprint sensing technology, Apple also introduced the 5c, a candy-coated, plastic version.

Oh, and that iPhone 5 you just bought? Discontinued.

Wait. What just happened?

Were we just sent a graduation announcement for the valedictorian, a birth announcement for quintuplets and an obituary for our best friend in a single envelope? Xoxo, Apple.

So many emotions. Before we can even mourn the loss of our dear friend the iPhone 5, we’re able to pre-order the inexpensive 5c and only have to wait a few days for the new shiny 5s. How do we choose?

If you’re having trouble letting go and moving on from your marriage to the iPhone 5, let’s look to Kim Kardashian for inspiration. She knows a thing or two about how to move on quickly and she’s already made her relationship with the 5s public.