Let’s be honest here. Since I, and probably everyone else, has heard of the possibility of flying cars, we have all wanted one. Despite what popular science has promised us since the 40s, when the idea of a flying car was first proposed, no one has ever even been close to producing a working product for the consumer market. Engineers have been trying to create the infamous combination of aviation and automotive technologies for nearly 70 years now, and we may finally be on the cusp of the flying car era.

Aeromobil 2

Aeromobil, the company behind the world’s first flying car, has just released its third-edition of its Aeromobil prototype. The Slovakian company has been working on a flying-car design since the 1990s, and in recent years, Aeromobil has made huge steps toward the realization of the world’s first working flying car. The eternal dilemma that has always grounded the flying car includes problems such as meeting safety regulations for both modes of transport, a lack of a market to potential clientele, and of course the issues with combining the mechanics of ground and air transport. Despite all of these problems, Aeromobil founder and lead designer Štefan Klein continues to advance his flying car prototype into a product that he hopes will eventually be commercially available.

Aeromobil 3

 The third edition of his flying car features a sleek, almost UFO-like 20 foot long body powered by a Rotax 912 engine fitted to a carbon-coated steel frame. The latest design is simply stunning, and looks better than any other would-be flying car to be released thus far. The plane can take off at just  90 MPH and can fly at speeds of over 124 MPH for up to 430 miles. When the Aeromobil switches from plane to car, the hybrid looks like some kind of two-seater roadster crossed with a Tron motorcycle. Amazingly, the Aeromobil has a wooping 31 MPG.

Aeromobil 4

View a video of the Aeromobil in action below via YouTube, or visit the company’s website at http://www.aeromobil.com/ to find out more info. If anyone buys one of these…I call shotgun.