While there is no evidence of Will Ferrell surfing, Robert Redford, Kelly Slater and Mr. Ferrell are teaming up to restore the Colorado river Delta, an ecologically vital habitat. Redford and Ferrell differ comically on how best to restore the delta, and at one point, Ferrell receives support from an intentionally awkward 11-time world champ. Further investigation reveals that both websites pitched-in video to encourage support for the same cause. Like most things Will Ferrell these days, the clip has its funny moments, but goes on entirely too long. Despite that, it’s still worth a watch.

The name Slater, highly recognizable, combined with the man’s image, squeaky clean, has the potential to influence an ever-growing and increasingly diverse swath of human beings. Lately, Kelly has been increasingly willing to offer his opinions on  social and environmental issues. Check out the video below and, if you feel moved, follow the link to lend to the cause.