Sports Illustrated has just released its list of the worst NFL games of the 2014 season. Sadly, the Jaguars are on it not once, but twice. From a national perspective, you can squint and see why both games versus the Titans were put on the list. However, watching every game and playing from the year, it makes you wonder. There were no blowouts allowed on the list, so that was a factor.

Their second worse game on the list was the Thursday night primetime matchup vs Tennessee. Since it was primetime, that played a factor, but I still can’t agree. There were no turnovers, and Titan’s QB Whitehurst moved the ball well with almost 300 passing yards. The Titans had a 10-0 lead, before the Jags outscored them 21-3. The article sites Bortles’ 115 passing yards as a reason, and yes, he did not move the ball far, but he also played turnover free, something that he struggled with during the season.

The first game between these two teams is much more deserving to be on the list, but it only received an honorable mention. That was a game no team deserved to win, with costly turnovers and mishaps, Scobee’s 55-yard field goal was blocked. Bortles did throw for over 300 yards that game however.

National perception largely depends on the box score and numbers, because national media does not see every play. So, you can understand were they are coming from.