If you have recently shopped on Amazon or walked into a Barnes & Noble in the last few months, you may have noticed that all of a sudden, there are coloring books everywhere. These are not just any old coloring books with characters from Sesame Street, but so-called “adult” coloring books. The term “adult coloring book” might bring disturbing images to your mind, but that just means you spend too much time online.

These books are designed with intricate patterns that are more time-consuming than a traditional book for kids and meant to relieve stress and calm the minds of busy grown ups. Sure, we could all use some stress relief, but isn’t that why alcohol was invented?

This adult coloring thing is becoming a full-blown trend and frankly, it is a little strange. Right now on Amazon, four out of the top 10 best selling books are adult coloring books, not actual books with words that will stimulate your mind and relieve your stress in a constructive adult way. This means that millions of adults across the country are unwrapping fresh boxes of crayons and sitting down to doodle inside the lines like they did in Kindergarten.

This goes along with the overall trend of stressed out adults regressing back into their childhood as a means of escape from the reality of their lives. First they were obsessing over “adult” cartoons, then they started coloring, now there is even such a thing as preschool for adults …



Where does it end?

Getting older sucks most of the time, and life beyond the age of 16 can be an endless hell of responsibilities, bills and soul-sucking jobs. Of course, we want to hearken back to the good old days. But being an adult isn’t all that bad now is it?

There is the aforementioned alcohol, as well as the unsupervised sleepovers that sometimes result from its consumption.

Do you want to eat cake for breakfast? Go for it, because you’re a f***ing grown-up. You can drive yourself anywhere you want to go and not have to wait around outside the movie theatre for your mom to pick you up.

Stay up late, get a tattoo, adopt that giant lizard you always wanted that mom wouldn’t let you have, run with scissors, tell another adult to STFU without fear of getting in trouble (though you might get yourself beat up). These little victories are what being an adult is all about.

Burn your coloring books and buy yourself a plane ticket to Amsterdam if you’re really looking for a way to unwind. Stop being an overgrown child and handle your problems the way adults always have — by pretending they don’t exist. Or … you could totally keep coloring if you want, but just know that you’re being judged.