And now… a conversation between two of the youngest ESA North Florida competitors, Coral Sasser (8) and Ansley West (8).

Coral: Who is your favorite pro surfer?

Ansley: Kelly Slater! He is the GOAT!

Ansley: What do you do when you aren’t surfing?

Coral: Play with my brother Coi and my neighbors outside. Then watch surf videos!

Coral: How long have you been surfing?

Ansley: This is my second year. It’s my favorite thing to do!

Ansley: Who is your favorite boy and girl surfer?

Coral: John John Florence and Kayla Durden.

Coral:What do you do when you aren’t surfing?

Ansley: I love to mountain bike in Hanna Park. I fish and play soccer. I also love to do crafts and hang with my family. I’m always staying busy.

Ansley: What is the biggest wave you have ever surfed?

Coral: Probably Typhoon Lagoon was my biggest. That place is so much fun!

Coral: Who is your favorite surfboard shaper?

Ansley: Randy Richenberg. My uncle was a great friend of his. He is an awesome shaper down in New Smyrna.

Ansley: What is your favorite movie?

Coral: The Endless Summer 2! It’s so funny and I got to meet Pat O’Connell when he came to Jax.

Each month, Who Da Grom, a special series sponsored by Buell Wetsuits, highlights standout surfers who participate in contests put on by the Northeast Florida chapter of the Eastern Surfing Association. This Who Da Grom feature first appeared in Void Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 6.