Maddie Franz

Age: 15

Sponsors: Granada Surf Shop, Clever Surf Boards, Zinka Sunscreen, Imsy, Crush Eye wear, Puravida, Rawsurf Team rider

Local break: Flagler Pier

Surfer who inspires you: Justin Quintal, Saxon Wilson, Tyler Wright

Favorite Maneuver: Hang ten, heels

Where do you pick up Void: Slider’s Oyster Bar

Best ESA result: 2019 East Coast Regional Jr. Women’s Longboard Champion, 2018 NFL Girls U16 & Jr. Women’s Longboard Champion

Favorite thing to do besides surfing: Video editing

ESA All-Stars Coach, Jason Motes says: Maddie is one of my ESA All-Stars! Just an incredible young lady. She rips on a shortboard and she’s killing it in the longboard divisions as well. I’ve often called her Maddie Quintal for her longboard dominance. She recently won the pro longboard division of the Eco Pro Surf Series and, yes, it was against the boys!

Carl Burger

Age: 14

Sponsor: Volcom, Nixon, Electric, Sunrise Surf Shop, SunBum, FCS, Sharpeye Surfboards, Coastal Republic, Japi No Worries

Local Break: Flagler Beach

Surfer who inspires you: Filipe Toledo

Favorite Maneuver: Air Reverse

Where do you pick up Void: Sunrise Surf Shop

Best ESA result: Made three finals at the 2019 ESA Southeast Regionals and won U-14 and U-18.

Favorite thing to do besides surfing: Skating, going out on my boat, hanging with my friends

ESA All-Stars Coach, Jason Motes, says: Carl is in a group of about five kids along the East Coast that I see taking the big jump to the WQS in the years to come; huge claim, but Carl has earned it! He is on the ESA All-Star team. His surfing is smooth, but powerful. And his ability to read a wave is incredible. He’s got all the air moves down pat as well. Carl is on his way to very big things and I’m just stoked to be there to watch it happen!

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