Gunner Snead

Age: 11

Sponsors: Sunrise Surf Shop, Globe, Surface Sunscreen, Pro-Lite, Dragon Sunglasses

Local break: The pier

Surfer who inspires you: Gabriel Medina

Favorite Maneuver: Frontside Cutback

Where do you pick up Void: Beaches Town Center or Sunrise Surf Shop

Best ESA result: Made semis at regionals

Favorite thing to do besides surfing: Skate and hang with friends

ESA All-Stars Coach, Jason Motes says: Gunner Snead is currently at the top of the 12 and under, up-and-coming list! He surfs with a beautiful style mixed with a very aggressive, radical approach to any wave he’s on. I can’t wait to see what this kids turns and airs look like once he grows and his surfing gets more powerful.



Name: Grace Knoechel

Age: 14

Sponsor: Sunrise Surf Shop

Local Break: The Poles

Surfer who inspires you: Nikki Van Dijk and Jordy Smith

Favorite Maneuver: Turn off the Lip

Where do you pick up Void: Sunrise Surf Shop

Best ESA result: 2017 and 2018 Girls U-14 Champion

Favorite thing to do besides surfing: Hanging out with friends, playing music and Skateboarding

ESA All-Stars Coach, Jason Motes, says: Grace has improved so much over the last two years! Her surfing is very powerful, with a very flowing style. She’s worked her way into being the top up-and-coming girl in North Florida, and she’s already racked up two Under-14 Championships. I think a big result in a big contest is right around the corner.