It’s not always easy to be the only vegetarian in a group, especially when so many social gatherings revolve around going out to eat. That problem seems to be particularly difficult around Jacksonville Beach, where most eateries typically specialize in seafood, burgers and various forms of meat stacked between slices of bread.

It’s exceedingly rare to come across a restaurant anywhere that only caters to herbivores, but there are a handful of excellent spots around the Beaches area that offer vegetarian-friendly options alongside their more traditional fare.


Poe’s Tavern

Poe’s Tavern is a standard American pub with a simple menu of some appetizers and several different kinds of burgers. What some people may not realize, however, is that any burger you see listed on their menu can easily be made as a delicious veggie burger. It’s perfect for when you want to have a nice casual meal with your friends but you don’t want to stick out as the weirdo vegetarian picking at your sad side salad.


Buddha’s Thai Bistro

Buddha’s Thai Bistro is the perfect option if you’re up for something a little more exciting than a veggie burger. They have a very large menu to choose from and nearly anything they serve can be made vegetarian or vegan. Just substitute the meat in any dish for tofu or veggies and you have yourself an awesome, exotic meal.


The Pier Cantina

The Pier Cantina is also a great spicy choice with lots of tasty vegetarian Mexican options on their menu. Whether you’re looking for tacos, enchiladas or fajitas, they’ve got you covered with plenty of fresh veggies to go along with the nice ocean view.


Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is probably the best known restaurant on this list but it deserves a mention anyway just because of how many great options they have for vegetarians and vegans. Pizza is always a decent default food for vegetarians who have a social life, but Mellow also has a menu filled with appetizers and sandwiches that are meat-free. The best part is that even vegans can join the party with the entirely vegan pizzas on the menu.



Delicomb can be a rad spot for a vegetarian during breakfast or lunch. They’ll substitute the meat on many of their sandwiches and wraps for tempeh, and they have some unique and healthier options like salads and acaì bowls as well. Bring all your omnivore buddies for brunch, and they’ll probably stop making fun of your diet so much.

A vegetarian or vegan diet doesn’t have to make you a social pariah in this town. You can feel free to meet up with your friends at any of the places on this list without worrying about what you’ll be able to eat. If you don’t have any friends, the food will still taste just as good when you share it with your cat.