Do you remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? If so, you should be able to recall that when you landed enough tricks in secession, your special bar would glow yellow, and that once your special bar lit up, you could attempt your skater’s special tricks.


One of those special tricks, known as the “Darkslide,” was recently landed by an unbelievably talented skateboarder by the name of Wes Kremer. The Darkslide itself is a type of grind, where the skater does an ollie, flips his board over and then grinds along a ledge or rail while standing atop his upside-down board. If completed, the skater pops out of the slide, flips his board right-side up mid-air, and lands with a roll away.

While Rodney Mullen pulled off the first Darkslide a while back, Wes is the first to Darkslide a f***ing handrail at significant speed and roll away. You can check it out from a few different angles, at the 4:27 mark in the video below.

Wes is on a complete tear, and if skateboarding is your thing, you’ll want to check the preview of his “GOTY” part, dropping next week.