We’re so very close to reaching our goal to save print in Northeast Florida. Last month we launched our Viva La Void campaign, reaching out to readers to readers to help us get back to print after the majority of our advertisers fell off during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic shutdown.

An arrow from this gorgeous quiver could be yours, (from left to right): Modern Twin, Dad Bod high performer, Mullet retro twin, Abyss retro single fin, Dharma Bum mid-length.

Now, with just a bit more than $5K left to raise we’re raffling off one of our super sweet shred sleds. For $5 you can enter to win your Void Vessel of choice. Our in-house slate of Northeast Florida-designed, -shaped, and -field tested surfboards includes a retro twin fin, a modern twin fin, a grovel-y high performance blade, a classic single fin, and a mid-length, one of which could be yours if, and only if, you enter our raffle.

Twenty bucks gets you five raffle tix and also helps us get back to printing magazines and covering the best of Northeast Florida’s distinctive culture and lifestyle.

Click here to enter our campaign platform.