If you’re one of those people that fears plane crashes and shark attacks, here’s something that might make you feel better (or worse) … you’re more likely to die in some kind of horrific mass extinction event. Oh, and said horrific mass extinction event is on its way soon, so get your guns and cans of Beefaroni all set up in your bunker.

Humans (and every other species on Earth) are probably going to be headed in the same direction as the dinosaurs, thanks to the terrible way we treat our home planet. We’re not just innocently stomping around waiting to get randomly hit by a meteor like a bunch of big lizards that don’t know what’s going on. This time WE are the meteor and the end of life on Earth as we know it will be brought upon us by own dumb selves. Thanks, humans!


So, what can we, as citizens of a dying planet, do? In the words of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Jurassic Park, “hold on to your butts.”

OK … but for real, it’ll probably be a long while before humans start eating each other to survive, but a bunch of animals are facing a real imminent threat. There may be some hope of saving them now that scientists are aware of the threat, but for many creatures, it is already too late. If we stop treating the Earth like a giant landfill, there might be some hope for the future of this planet. Recycle your s***, stop using so much paper and plastic, stop driving your car three blocks because you don’t feel like walking, and live in a house that already exists instead of encouraging builders to clear land for more new houses that we don’t need.