Once again, the LA-based rock group Weezer, will host a music-festival that takes place on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Previously, the ship sailed from Miami to Cozumel and featured several days of on-the-water concerts.

This time however, the Rivers Cuomo and the band will set sail from our very own Jacksonville Florida. Beginning on February 13-17, 2014, the cruise will start in Jacksonville and sail to the Bahamas. During the cruise, Weezer will perform three different sets, all in various locales. A beach concert will be held on the band’s own private island in the Bahamas, or a “Island in the Sun”, if you will.

In addition to this, concerts will be held on the cruise ship throughout the trip by both Weezer and accompanying bands. Weezer stated during the announcement that other bands that are scheduled to perform will be announced soon.

The band also plans to participate in several photo sessions for fans and a fan Q&A. Lastly, an interactive “Weezer Game Show” will also be conducted during the trip.

For more information visit Weezer’s website at weezer.com or check out the the YouTube video below.