Pretty much par for the course this week, hot, and stormy here and there, but the bite continues to be strong in some pockets of interest! Everyone has a snapper hangover after the last 2 awesome weeks, but now the focus starts to shift as those windows have closed. Some more kings have showed up here and there nearshore and off the pier, poons on the pods, and big reds swarming the river! The flattie bite continues to be stacking up in the creeks and flats as the season progresses. Pick and choose your battles wisely around the tides and you’ll score some great fishing all over North Florida… Tight Lines!

St. Augustine – Capt. Kevin Faver: Fishing continues to be up and down offshore. At least the bait has shown up south of the inlet! There are tons of spanish mackerel, bonito, and a few tarpon off the beach. The bite inshore has been really good as reports are coming in from boats catching 20-30+ flounder a trip! On the falling tides near the ditch the reds continue to be fired up as well!

Jacksonville – Capt. Kirk Waltz: Kinda slow off the beach this week, but we’ve found some good fish on the troll one day but that was an exception. Lots of bonito, sharks, and spanish, but no kings. Tarpon are moving in off the rocks chasing the bait pods early mornings and late afternoons! Bull reds are crushing the live pogeys in the river, and lots of slot reds in the ditch! Tons of flounder all over but mostly smaller sized.

Inshore – Rory Gregg: The water temp is still in the steamy range of 85+ most days, and that will slow down the bite in the heat of the day. Top water blowups are good before 9am and after 7pm targeting the creeks and structures for big reds and trout! On the last of the outgoing and first of the incoming tides you can limit out on flounder if you find them wadded up on an oyster shelf with a good drop off, or along dock lines using a 1/4 oz. weedless Slayer jig (to reduce snags) and a Pearl/Chartreuse tail SST worked slowly off the bottom, just remember to give them a couple Mississippi’s before setting the hook once you feel the bite!

Pier Report – Spencer Brogden: Water temps off the end of the pier are still in the 85 degree range. Small trout and reds are being caught around the middle of the pier early morning on live shrimp. Sharks are all over the place, and bulls are being caught in the 6-7ft range! Live bluefish and pogeys heaved off the end of the pier have been catching big reds, bonito, and kings!

Contributing Captains – Kirk Waltz & Kevin Faver from: The Outdoors Show 7AM-10AM Saturdays on ESPN Radio 1010xl AM and 92.5 FM –