Hot, stormy, and fun! That about sums up fishing in July so far. Dodging storms, tides, and heat is what summer fishing is about, you have to be on point, elusive, and in the right place at the right time to score, but there’s always the element of luck in any situation this time of year! The offshore bite has its hot spots, and the inshore bite has been selective to produce, but it is only going to get better as we creep towards the end of summer and lots of things will happen soon. Spool ’em up and get out there and rips some lips!

St. Augustine – Capt. Kevin Faver: The inshore bite has really picked up this week! There have been lots of slot reds and flounder holding around the docks and structures, and all of the heavy rain has seemed to slow down the trout bite. Offshore the snapper fishing has been fantastic! The 21 bottom is holding a bunch of 20 plus lb. mules! The king fishing has been average off of the beach lately, but lots of bigger fish out near the 21 bottom. There were also a few poons behind the boats and bait pods this week and that should continue to heat up!

Jacksonville – Capt. Kirk Waltz: The inshore bite has been sketchy with all of the rain we’ve had, some small reds, flatties, and steaming hot water has turned the bite off. The one positive continues to be the bull red bite in the river as it has been on fire! The next big moon should have them pushing in hard! Offshore the kings and striking fish, has been somewhat slow, and at the 18 bottom there have been some small fish. The snapper bite is out of site though, and there are a tone of sea bass and beeliners in numbers in the 75ft. range. Big tarpon, jacks, sharks, and little tunny have been all around the bait pods and boats!

Inshore – Rory Gregg: Temps in the creeks and flats have been clocking in at 87 degrees! Early morning and late in the day is going to be the best bet. You can sit and soak mid day if you want to roast, you’ll pick up a few big runs from a fat hungry red! We’ve had some extreme tides this week, and if you were able to score some floody waters, there were some nice reds in the grass to be caught. On the high water a slow rolled spinner bait like a redfish magic with a Slayer SST in chicken off the chain will score you a fat flattie or red when slow rolled over the bottom and oysters in a steady retrieve. Trout have been hammering top waters at night, and around select structures there have been some sheepies hanging around!

Pier Report – Spencer Brogden: The trout and flounder have been chewing off of the pier on the incoming tides in the morning on live shrimp!  On the outgoing tides the sheeps and drum have been slamming the sandfleas! There have been some tarpon, jacks, and just a few kings off the end of the pylons. The highlight of the week with an 80lb. poon that was landed to the beach!

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Contributing Captains – Kirk Waltz & Kevin Faver from: The Outdoors Show 7AM-10AM Saturdays on ESPN Radio 1010xl AM and 92.5 FM –