There is one thing on every offshore angler’s mind this weekend… SNAPPER TIME! Yes, our “elusive” and nearly extinct species is open for a short window of time, and once again all of the anglers limiting out over the next few days will prove the man wrong! Tear ’em up boys and girls, and be careful on the water, it’s going to be a busy one. If you are staying land side, loads of fun fish are being caught off the pier daily. Full moons are in effect inshore, and the flood tides will officially commence. The timing is a little off this weekend, but if you find some high water push as far up into the grass as you skiff or kayak will get you and seek out some tailing redfish, otherwise run some spinner baits along the edges. Low tide is going to be a low, and depending on the conditions, a light jig head and a live shrimp has been what they’re after in this hot summer month. Have a great weekend of fishing in the 904… Tight Lines!

St. Augustine – Capt. Kevin Faver: The fishing in St. Aug has been a bit strange all week. All of the elements looked perfect, weather, water, temps, and bait everywhere! A few kings were caught off the beach, and various species on the wrecks. The tarpon fishing has been outstanding, and the bait pods have been on fire early morning! Inshore the flounder and reds are really starting to stack up and the bite has been on!

Jacksonville – Capt. Kirk Waltz: It’s been a slow bite this week for striking fish, only a few bonita, cudas, and small sharks. Virtually no kings as well, but that should change soon. Lots of bait on the beach and loads of jacks, tarpon and sharks in the mix! Super fun pitching to a school of good sized jacks! The jetties have been producing oversized reds and puppy poons in the 30-40lb. range! Plenty of big bull reds in the river, and the bait of choice has been live pogeys!

Inshore – Rory Gregg: We’re coming into our first official big moon phase of the year, and this will effect the bite in many ways inshore. Most notably is going to be the flooded spartina marshes where the reds, sheeps, and drum will be moving in to feed on fiddlers! Nothing more fun than tailing fish in the grass, and you can target them using a Slayer Inc. combo of SST in Gold Bream hooked weed-less with a 1/16 z. XXX Penetrator hook! On the low, and it’s going to be low, you’ll find these fish pushed out of the creeks and flats on the edges of the drop-offs near channels, oysters, and structures using a live shrimp on a 1/8oz. Slayer jig!

Pier Report – Spencer Brogden: Fishing at the pier has been super fun for all sorts of species! Drum and Sheepshead are chewing on live sandfleas in the afternoons, and early mornings flatties and trout are moving in. The heat of  the middle of the days has slowed things down a bit which is typical this time of year. Off the end of the pier there are plenty of kings, jacks, and sharks being caught daily!

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Contributing Captains – Kirk Waltz & Kevin Faver from: The Outdoors Show 7AM-10AM Saturdays on ESPN Radio 1010xl AM and 92.5 FM –