Big moon tides this week means playing your cards the right way to get on the bite! Timing will be everything this weekend, and albeit sporadic, the bite has been on all over the place this week. Kings and cobes off the beach, tons of other striking fish, and big reds and flounder stacking up inshore! It’s going to be flat off the beach, fairly laid down in the creeks and river, and it’s Father’s Day Weekend so you can guarantee that alot of people will be out tearing up the fish all over the waters of North Florida! Be safe out there this weekend, and don’t forget to visit your favorite local tackle shop, outfitter, or big box retailer to pick up some fishing gear for dad!

St. Augustine – Capt. Kevin Faver: There’s been plenty of bait off the beach this week all over the beaches and wrecks near and offshore! Lots of bonita, amberjacks, and cudas tearing it up and are a blast to catch! We caught some nice tarpon on the bait pods, and they have started to show up in numbers! The inshore bite has been on one day and off the next, and there were some slot reds caught with small flounder in the mix.

Jacksonville – Capt. Kirk Waltz: The bite has been a bit weird throughout the week, probably because of this big moon we’ve been seeing. Early in the week it was on for cobia, and all you had to do was find the schools of spadefish and have a live pogey ready on a rod to fire at them once they surfaced. We limited out one day with the biggest cobe up to 50lbs! Not too many kings around this week, but a few were caught in the SE hole. Tarpon have been coming in on the bait pods off the beaches early in the morning, and running up the river the bull reds are heavy!

Inshore/Kayak – Rory Gregg: During these ripping moon tides timing is everything, and we’re not fully into flood season yet to fish for tailing reds in the grass. The bite this week was hit or miss depending on tide and location, and there is so much bait everywhere that these fish are gorged, so getting any consistent bites on artificials will be slim. This weekend we have some super negative low tides, and the bite should be on for reds and trout early in the morning on top water, then you may have to switch it up to a live shrimp on a float rig once the tide starts ripping and running. Focus your efforts later in the days around the larger oyster rakes and flats that dump out into main bodies of water on the last of the outgoing tides with a Slayer jig and a fat mud minnow and you’ll entice nice hookups from schooling reds and flounder!









Contributing Captains – Kirk Waltz & Kevin Faver from: The Outdoors Show 7AM-10AM Saturdays on ESPN Radio 1010xl AM and 92.5 FM –