Throughtout the weekend, it is expected that over 100,000 people will pass through the gates of TPC Sawgrass. This post is only for a select group of patrons at this grand event, the Weekend Warrior. What is a Weekend Warrior you may ask? A Weekend Warrior is the person that comes to a golf tournament not to watch golf but to survive the angry “shhhh” from the older spectators, to play drinking games associated with Lilly Pulitzer and to just have a damn good time.

Here are the tools (no pun intended) you need to be a Weekend Warrior:

Bring Your Own Koozie — No one likes spending an extra $5 just because you forgot the most important accessory of the day.

Get Your Tickets to the Blue Room — This year’s Blue Room at The Players is located just behind the No. 10 tee box and it gives you quick access to the finishing holes which is where the free party is at. The Blue Room features a DJ, complementary beer and wine and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and they offer free food! The tickets to the Blue Room Party aren’t cheap, but for everything you get, it’s easily worth it!  Get your tickets here:

Bring Your Game Face — Nothing is more important than being ready to experience The Players. This the Florida-Georgia of the Spring and its North Florida’s second largest cocktail party. In other words, BE READY TO PARTY.

Cheer the F&%# Up — Truth is, its going to be hard to find your friends. Get yourself a nice cold margarita from Tacos on Twelve and wander around until they show up. It’s too often we see people arguing over where to go and getting all stressed out about not finding their group of friends. Relax and enjoy the sunshine with that nice margarita you have. Try making up a drinking game for every time you see another Lilly dress … on second thought, maybe don’t try this drinking game (you may not make it out alive). Just remember that wherever you end up is where the party is at!

Have a good time and be safe you Weekend Warriors!