In the sport of football, there’s a clear cut path to the pros. You play youth football, earn a scholarship to college before being drafted by a professional team. However, in other sports such as golf, that path to the pros hasn’t always been that clear.

But a recent update to the Championship here in North Florida aims to change the way players earn a tour card that allows a golfer to play on the professional level.

Because of this change, the PGA will now award 50 tour cards based on how players finish in the Championship that’s hosted at Dye’s Valley Course in TPC Sawgrass.

For those unaware, the Tour is essentially like the minors. Golfers play all year to keep their rankings up and after the final tournament, dubbed the Championship, 50 golfers will earn their shot to play in the big leagues the following season.

But here’s the kicker, the bottom half of the PGA pros who earned a tour card the previous year have to compete against the top tier of current Tour players during the Finals.

At the end of the championship, players will keep, earn or lose 50 of the available tour cards; making the Tour an extremely important part of a golfer making it big time.

The Championship will be held from September 26th-29th  and while THE PLAYERS is considered a highly esteemed event, the Championship takes on more of a casual atmosphere.

And it’s evident from the list of events they have planned such as $1 beers while watching the golfers out on the course,  a Northeast Florida Beer Cup with tons of local beer vendors, performances by Blues Traveler and Grandpa’s Cough Medicine.

One of the best events scheduled is on Saturday when TPC will turn into the largest outdoor sports bar in North Florida by showing all the college games on every jumbotron all throughout the course, allowing fans to watch live golf and college football all at once.

It’s an incredible undertaking by the PGA to make these changes that will change the game of golf in the future. It’s happening right here in our own backyard and will surely be a premier event in the near future, helping to cement North Florida has a golf town known worldwide.

You’re not going to want to miss this. The weather won’t be as hot as THE PLAYERS, drinks will be cheap, tickets are only $15 and it’s a chance to get up close and personal with the future of golf.

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