WE NEED YOUR HELP to print our next issue. Every month for nearly a decade, Void Magazine has been using its pages as a platform to showcase the best of Northeast Florida. From profiles of artists, musicians, cultural leaders, and small business owners, to surf and skate stories, images from the region’s most talented lens-people, and much more, we’ve kept our finger on Northeast Florida’s cultural pulse, and offered up our mag to the community we love for FREE.

We’ve been able to do that consistently 12 times per year, over the course of 115 issues, because of support from our advertising partners. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the businesses that support our endeavors are hurting. Thus, we have been unable to cover the costs associated with making a print magazine. To date, we’ve tried it all. We’ve applied for every kind of government help on offer; So far, to no avail.

So we’re reaching out to our readership. In lieu of advertiser support, we need the community to help us carry out our mission. We’re hoping to raise $30,000 to cover a baseline portion of the production costs associated with creating, printing, and distributing our July issue. If we don’t reach or come close to our goal, we will not be able to get back to print.

Here’s where you come in: Become a subscriber and we’ll deliver July’s issue to your door. Or, if you have the means, consider becoming a contributor, or joining our club. In return, we’re offering up exclusive care packages of Void merch and swag.

Together, we can ensure that this virus doesn’t kill print.

Viva La Void.

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