On Oct. 1, if you pull an issue of Void Mag from a newsstand somewhere in Northeast Florida, you will draw a blank, literally.

Figuratively, too: you may be confused. And we understand that.

The cover of our annual Arts & Music issue is blank. Save for a translucent Void logo and an obscure sig line in the bottom right hand corner, it’s just a white rectangle. We did this on purpose. 

The cover of our Arts & Music issue is blank… intentionally.

A digression before I explain more: One of the most influential conceptual artists working today, Darren Bader, once drove his aunt’s SUV from her home outside of Miami and parked it in front of an art museum in South Florida. The installation—part of a 2011 exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art—was called my aunt’s car. Other famous Bader works include lasagna on heroin, wherein the artist injected a slice of lasagna with heroin and one in which he raised $16,000 via a crowdfunding site just to sell the actual stack of cash for more money at a Christie’s art auction (the cash sold for $19K and Bader donated it all to charity). Some of Bader’s work is intended as a sendup of contemporary art culture. Much of it, meanwhile, is exemplified by a quote from Life is a Readymade, the book Bader wrote in 2012: “Do I care? Probably.”

Nico Holderbaum drawing her own lines on the cover of our October Issue.

My point is not that what is—and what isn’t—art is in the eye of the beholder. Art should spark conversation. And as a kind of conceptual art idea, we hope this blank cover sparks actual conversation (“What the hell were they thinking?” “Do they care?” etc.). But, more than that, we wanted this to be an opportunity for artists, aspiring artists, anyone really, to draw, paint, screen print, cut/paste their own cover. Hell, drop one in the seat of your granny’s Buick and call it Void in my Grandmother’s Car. When you’re done, share what you’ve come up with via social media. Tag @voidlive and we’ll include you in the conversation that we hope will be carried out throughout the month among artists throughout the region. We’ll be collecting the best, most distinctive covers for a gallery show at our new digs at month’s end (more details TBA). 

Submissions due by Oct. 21!

To get your creative juices flowing, we asked three local artists–Kiara Sánchez, Ryan Barber, and Nico Holderbaum–to draw, print, and spray paint (respectively) their own covers. Click play on the vid above to get inspired.

Here’s what to do now:

Step 1: Find Mag

Step 2: Make Art

Step 3: Share Art (tag @voidlive on Instagram)