In March, the team here at Void began inviting local acts into our office to play three song sets of original music. While far from a novel idea (NPR’s been producing its famed Tiny Desk Concerts for nearly a decade now), we hoped that a localized version, which we called the Into the Void: Office Music Series, would help connect our readers with the music being made and musicians living in and around Northeast Florida. The goal was to book the best music from the most diverse range of acts we could unearth. We were fairly certain we wouldn’t have trouble with the former. It was the latter that gave us pause.

In a region known for Southern Rock and an act that cracks the mainstream pop charts every few years, or so, it was hard to know what we’d collect by casting such a wide net. But beginning with the horns on the 10-piece Afro-Cuban Salsa Band LPT and continuing through the heavy riffs of local rock quartet 9E, the ambient, arresting vocals of electronic singer-songwriter Lannds, and the tight synergy of hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. (Culture), it soon became crystal that not only is this region overflowing with talent. Its music scene is as eclectic as any in the world.

Which sparked a new problem: How might we bottle up this lightning for others to enjoy?

The solution: Let’s make a record!

We reached out to some of our faves from our Into the Void performances, as well as a few who caught our ears in the months since we began filming the series. The bands were psyched.

After we had a nice batch of eleven tunes recorded in studios and bedrooms across the region—and one recorded right here in our office—we pitched the idea to a few sponsors; mainly folks we knew had a history of supporting local arts and music. The sponsors—including the Hotel Palms, 8103 Clothing, Hoptinger, and Taco Lu—had but one question: How many records can we get?

We then took the idea to Jonathan Berlin and Walter Hill at Atlantic Beach’s Vinyl Record Pressing. From there the process was fairly seamless, as the fellas at Vinyl are pros, known widely for their quality work.

With the artists, local businesses, and even the guys who pressed the record psyching on the project, we’re now ready to present this compilation to the world, where we hope it finds the needle on your record player. Give it spin. Play it local. Play it loud.

To get your copy, click here.