We’ve already seen indoor skydiving, indoor trampolines, indoor skateboarding, so what’s next? Indoor surfing? Some people in the Northeast have already decided that the need to surf trumps cold weather setbacks that would otherwise prevent one from surfing.

The company behind this concept is American Wave Machines and their product is called SurfStream. SurfStream was designed to allow people to surf anytime, anywhere by creating artificial waves, and Northeast natives have found a way to make this concept appealing to consumers. They put professional surfers and videographers to the test to see if it was comparable to the great outdoors.

Rob Kelly, a professional surfer, said this about the SurfStream, “The most impressive thing about this wave as it relates to surfing is the barrel. The way the water rolls across the molds creates a barrel with a foam ball and little pocket to ride.”

Some surfers that tested this artificial wave generator said it’s more of a controlled wave, but the best part is the wave spontaneity. It doesn’t just create the same type of wave over and over, it actually makes a variety of  waves similar to the open ocean.

Indoor surfing in places where conditions aren’t always prime, and weather may be a factor, have a great market for these types of venues. It can bring surfing to the masses or just help an established surfer hone up on techniques and skills to advance.

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