Words: Kayla Beckmann – Photos: Bowles/Void (Scroll Down for photo Gallery)

Hundreds of surfers, families and spectators flocked to the pier last weekend for the two-day  Wavemasters event. This year’s event marked the 49th year of Wavemaster’s competition. Easily one of the most popular surf contests in North Florida, Wavemasters attracts surfers from all over the state to compete in the many amateur and pro divisions.

Despite the small surf, competitors managed to work around the conditions and showcase some hot surfing action. Jake McGuire showed he was right at home by taking the Men’s Pro division, while Keto Burns made a short trip up from St. Aug to steal the Jr. Pro. Void’s own Mallory Turner surfed strong all day to claim the Women’s Pro title, and imagine that, Justin Quintal took the Longboard Pro.

Not only did Wavemasters pay up to the Pros, they also raised around two-thousand dollars for Beaches Watch, the American Red Cross and Jax Beach’s Carver Center.

2011 Results

Men’s Pro

  1. Jake McGuire
  2. Eros Exarhou
  3. Brent Lamprecht
  4. Tristan Thompson

Jr. Pro

  1. Keto Burns
  2. Brent Lamprecht
  3. Eros Exarhou
  4. Jake McGuire

Women’s Pro

  1. Mallory Turner
  2. Piper Austin
  3. Kayla Durden
  4. Michelle Kienlen

Longboard Pro

  1. Justin Quintal
  2. Ty Miller
  3. Christopher Lind
  4. Stephen McLean

Micro Mini

  1. Kaleb Kirshenbaum
  2. Blake Stephens
  3. Layney Cunningham
  4. Wyatt Dyal


  1. Kaleb Kirshenbaum
  2. Nick Groshell
  3. Brayden Bryant
  4. Charlie Current


  1. Marley Peck
  2. Logan Hayes
  3. Chase Stephens
  4. Chance Warren

Jr. Men

  1. Trevor Challenor
  2. Josh Motes
  3. Hobie Sears
  4. Merrick Cunningham

Sr. Men

  1. Lynn Harrington
  2. Buddy Evans
  3. Denny Dean
  4. Cree Mitchell


  1. Piper Austin
  2. Cierra Cunningham
  3. India Pimentel
  4. Braidyn Cunningham

Jr. Women

  1. Cierra Cunningham
  2. Kayla Durden
  3. Piper Austin
  4. Katie Sullivan


  1. Sam Seyda


  1. Kyle Turrentine
  2. Ray Richter
  3. Buddy Evans
  4. Jesse Gregory


  1. Ronnie Mix
  2. Mitch Kaufmann
  3. Kirk Oswell
  4. Roger Wood


  1. Kevin Cox
  2. Wayne Satterwhite Jr.
  3. Nick Pergande
  4. Hobie Sears

Legends Longboard

  1. Mitch Kaufmann
  2. Ronnie Mix
  3. Ray Lane
  4. Ray Pimentel

Jr. Longboard

  1. Josh Richardson
  2. Logan Raulerson
  3. Tyler Dean
  4. Emilia Sopranzi

Sr. Longboard

  1. Buddy Evans
  2. Sunny Stephens
  3. Tony Hall
  4. Lynn Harrington

Open Longboard

  1. Ty Miller
  2. Christopher Lind
  3. Sunny Stephens
  4. Logan Raulerson

Women’s Longboard

  1. Kahlene Harris
  2. Mary Cutter
  3. Chloe Piester
  4. Mallory Turner


  1. Mitch Kaufmann and Taylor Stair
  2. Jessie and Maddie Gregory
  3. Buddy and Merrick Evans
  4. Jesse Gregory and Lucas Delgado
  5. Jerry and Rachel Delagdo


  1. Ty Miller
  2. Skip Smith
  3. Tim Ellis
  4. Ben Nettles