If you’ve never watched the show “How It’s Made,” you’re missing out on some serious mind-blowing knowledge. Here are just some of the things you’ve probably missed out on. Prepare to learn fascinating and even disgusting facts about how certain things are made … stop now if you love hotdogs.

Paper Clips:


So, maybe you’ve never thought about how a paperclip was made or maybe you’ve imagined someone sitting in the middle of a giant pile of wire and bending away. One thing many of us have learned the hard way is that you can’t really bend wire back the way it was before by hand. This machine bends and cuts all in one rotation.

Soft Pretzels:


You may have seen this done by hand in if you’ve ever bought a fresh soft pretzel, but have you seen how a machine does it? Now, you can imagine this every time you grab frozen pretzels.



Pretty mesmerizing, huh? That tiny little knife has been slicing your noodles into the perfect size, and you’ve never even thanked it.

Fortune Cookies:


While your fortune may be made in a factory, it doesn’t make it any less real for you, does it? Sure, not all fortunes are made in the back of a Chinese restaurant and deemed specifically for you, but now you know how they’re made!

Pre-made Pancakes:


Ah, the delicious golden breakfast cakes. Who knew watching a machine flip eight at a time would catch your attention for as long as it does. It’s almost hard to stop watching.



Now for the yuck factor. That delicious piece of “meat” that you wedge between bread is actually meat slosh. Maybe next time you’ll rethink your food, or maybe you’ll just forget you ever saw this and keep on snacking.

Pre-sharpened pencils:


That pack of pre-sharpened pencils doesn’t seem so arbitrary now, does it?

Ice Cream Sandwiches:


Squirt and smash are the steps to putting together that delicious vanilla and chocolate sandwich that gets stuck all over your fingers no matter how hard you try.

Camouflage Helmet:


I guess assuming that someone painted these designs on is pretty far-fetched, but would you have imagined this? Pretty amazing stuff.