Things we recently learned about Charlie Current:

He’s ambitious 
The University of North Florida undergrad will soon be boasting a degree in construction management.

He’s multitalented
It appears that he also wakeboards, skates well, rides dirt bikes, and participates in some kind of snow sport that requires skis, sans pole-thingys.

Don’t F*** with him
Current practices mixed martial arts with some guy who seems to be able to hold a handstand longer than we could conceivably hold a 12 oz PBR.

Things we already knew about Charlie Current:

He surfs real well!

All of the above can be gleaned through Current’s recent surf clip “Unlike,” which features the young scholar thrashing above the lip and tucking under a few sweet tea-hued curtains. All is set to a heavy soundtrack of Metallica and Black Sabbath (just try to stop him from using those songs… we dare you!).

Anywho, we’re pretty sure you’ll like “Unlike.” So click play!