Savvy Void readers might have noticed that we have a whole lotta love for local hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture. Their brand spankin’ new video for their tune “Shade” only deepens our affections.

Directed by Joel Roberson, the clip captures band members and family hanging out in the Duval sunshine. Night arrives, blunts are lit, and “Shade” morphs into thick smoke, street halogens, and moonlight. The group trades off on individual rhymes; of their many strengths, L.O.V.E. Culture’s ability to move as one through their member’s individual and unique approaches to word-flow. Roberson’s direction and video style matches the band perfectly, as retro VHS-style glitches jab through the imagery, along with equally tripped-out neon colors trailing off the group. All in all, the music and filmic companion to “Shade” reinforces the fact that L.O.V.E. Culture have both sound and vision.