A handful of issues ago, when we got a glimpse of beaches Renaissance Man Tony Prat’s fantasy factory, the artist-musician-filmmaker-DJ opined about opening up his warehouse to the public for unique music and arts-focused gatherings. A month or so later, he did so, putting on an exhibition of his own madcap abstract and assemblage visual art, along with a debut of his solo musical project, The Tony Prat Experience.

Well, last week, with the whole world on lockdown, Prat extended that invitation, virtually speaking, performing a set of music that winds and twists around distorted guitars, drum samples, and a heavy dose of atmospherics mixed with trippy visuals, all for a YouTube audience.

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Saturday April 11th, 9pm.

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“My man. It’s long,” Prat texted me the day he planned to perform the set live from his warehouse wonderland. “Make a tall drink, have a smoke, and dig in…”

We can can certainly recommend you do the latter by clicking play on the vid below. As for the tall drink and smoke: experience the Tony Prat Experience however you see fit. Just do it.

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