After a disappointing 2018 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have already given fans a handful of things to smile about–the signing of Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles being the most notable thus far. But with few opportunities remaining to make a splash–aside from next weekend’s NFL draft–before the summer doldrums that predate training camp, the Jags decided to turn the release of the team’s 2019 schedule into an event in and of itself.

After teasing the time and date of the schedule release for weeks, the Jags treated fans to a most-absurd, most-awkward announcement video. With cameos by the famed all-teal Jags guy and a fanboy-ish Josh Scobee, the schedule release plays out in an “As Seen on TV” infomercial. There’s a Kansas Chiefs fan extracting a ketchup stain from a Patrick Mahomes Jersey, an Indianapolis Colts fan using a reacher/grabber tool to display team-regalia, and a Tennessee Titans fan using a motorized jar-opener and then (of course) spoon-feeding himself mayonnaise. The more than five-minute clip is hosted by the Jags ace-kicker, “Joshua Gregory Lambo” who seems to revel in the role.

Click play below to see the schedule release video we need right now.