While the beaches were on lockdown, no doubt we very much missed surfing. But now that they’re open for exercise, and we can once again do this pointless wonderful water dance (during limited hours), we still can’t get enough. So the new-normal, as far as our insatiable need for surf, isn’t all that new, I suppose.

In any event, there were a handful of surf videos loaded up to the Internets last month by local shredders. Here are a few videos starring Northeast Floridian water dancers that nearly quenched our thirst for surf. 

Cody Thompson
“Spring Cleaning”
Cody Thompson certainly made our day last month, dropping a very good surf clip “Spring Cleaning”. A compilation of deep caverns, big boosts, wild rotes, and a ridiculous combo, all of which was stacked over the course of two recent excursions to Central America, it’s the kind of edit that Thompson used to put out on the regular; and the kind we desperately missed. One of our fave local lens-people, Connor Cornell, captured the footy. Big time Void bud, John Massey sliced and reassembled the edit. And longtime pals, the riff-heavy madmen Darkhorse Saloon provide the soundtrack. To be sure, though, Thompson does the heavy lifting.

Jazmine Dean 
“Unlimited Time Travelers: Pura Vida”
Twenty-three year old St. Augustine-based surfer Jazmine Dean surfs exceptionally well on boards both long and short. Lately Dean’s been bouncing around Central America, where she’s been subsisting on whatever income and shelter is provided to surf guides these days. Though we’re all still on lockdown, the clip “Unlimited Time Travelers: Pura Vida” which features the Nomadic surfing through Costa Rica and Nicaragua had us dreaming about hiring Dean as our surf travel guru once we can safely exit the country again. 

Charlie Current
Things we learned about Charlie Current from watching “Unlike”:

He’s ambitious: The University of North Florida undergrad will soon be boasting a degree in construction management.

He’s multitalented: It appears that he also wakeboards, skates well, rides dirt bikes, and participates in some kind of snow sport that requires skis, sans pole-thingys.

Don’t F*** with him: Current practices mixed martial arts with some guy who seems to be able to hold a handstand longer than we could conceivably hold a 12 oz PBR.

Things we already knew about Charlie Current:

He surfs real well!: Besides the above, “Unlike,” shows the young scholar thrashing above the lip and tucking under a few sweet tea-hued curtains. All is set to a heavy soundtrack of Metallica and Black Sabbath (just try to stop him from using those songs… we dare you!).

Saxon Wilson (and friends)
“Friends For Fun”
There’s a youth movement underway in Flagler Beach, led by surfers like Saxon Wilson and Ryan Conklin. Throwbacks to be sure, the FB crew ride heavy, ’60s-style logs, often self-shaped, and do the kind of jivey dance that their West Coast forebears, at say Malibu, would certainly have found bitchin’. They’ve also committed themselves of late to a fairly vagabond-ish surf life, popping and standing out at the burgeoning scene of Non-Sanctioned Longboard Tour events–Mexi Log Fest, Single Fin Mingle, etc.–that promote such styling.

Wilson, for his part, has caught the eye of surf media, shining in front of the lens of a handful of globally-shared surf clips. The latest, “Friends for Fun”, finds Wilson in Hawaii, alongside scion of the Tudor legacy, Tosh, and switch-stance wizard Zack Flores, each cruising in a clip that–if it weren’t for the high definition quality–looks like a lost section of 1972’s Five Summer Stories.

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