“I dreamt that I made love to a thousand exes,” sings Chris Hess, guitarist/vocalist for the LA-by-way-of-SoFla indie band Swimm. The line serves as an introduction to the motif he plays with throughout the arrestingly performed, yet cheekily written tune “1000 Lovers” from the group’s 2017 release, Sentimental Porno.

While we didn’t ask Hess whether he drew inspiration from any love interests in the Northeast Florida area–he very well could have as an early iteration of his group, Le Blorr, was a mainstay on the local scene, as well as early Void parties–it’s abundantly clear from this performance that Hess is more than just a pretty voice. Porno piled up accolades upon its release–due in large part to that gorgeous, raspy delivery, sure. But more importantly, the album is chalked full of uniquely and playfully constructed soundscapes and poetry.

A combo of hard work, skill, and creativity has the band poised for a breakthrough. Yet, they still have time to grace their native Sunshine State every so often. A few months ago, Hess stopped by Void HQ and played a solo set of tunes from the Swimm catalogue.

Click play to watch him perform “1000 Lovers.”

Presented by: The Amp