In the digital age, how does rock n’ roll–an antique, but not yet antiquated genre–hold the attention of a spastic, perpetually distracted populace? While there may be no precise blueprint, with its video for the raucous sendup of social media addiction “Carpe D.M.” irreverent, riff-heavy Miami-based rockers DeGreaser may have arrived at a formula.

The video, made by Miami artist collective Vidium  is essentially a wildly entertaining 90-seconds of frontman Ben Katzman earnestly shredding his axe in a variety of South Florida (and a few CGI-engineered) locales. The song, from the group’s latest LP Quarter Life Crisis, is for all intents and purposes an instrumental track–the only vocals come compliments of a FaceTime conversation, in which Katzman is asked, “Dude, what’s up with your Instagram these days?” Certainly anyone engrossed in social media culture (see: everybody) will identify with Katzman’s response–“Dude, I don’t know, but lately my selfies get way more likes than my art. What’s up with that?”

The song and video make for a fun and uniquely poignant approach to a genre that, as evidenced by band’s like DeGreaser, can still be relevant. If you like what you see, slide into DeGreaser’s DMs, here. Word is the band’ll be bringing its distinctive shred to North Florida in April. Click play to rock!