“I’m incompetent and I can only sing,” said Kayla Le, AKA Sailor Goon, prior to her recent Into the Void: Office Music Series set at our in-progress headquarters in Jax Beach. Though the Duval-based R&B singer-songwriter’s performance began with self deprecation, it wasn’t long before Sailor Goon was flexing on us, introducing the tune “American Ego” with some gorgeous vocal runs over multi-instrumentalist Taylor Neal’s minimal guitar plucks.

“American ego” doesn’t just showcase Le’s prowess on her natural instrument, it also proves her a deft and deep lyricist. “American boys, they want to be cradled,” she sings with the kind of sweet, yet lethal condescension of some Southern Belle offering a “bless your heart.”  The hook “American ego, they all tell their fables,” is more discernibly scathing.

Combined with a distinctive backing track of sampled beats and some twinkly xylophone taps from Shane Malone, “American Ego” makes a case for Le as one of the most competent, and interesting, young artists in Northeast Florida today. Click play to watch a proficient performance by Sailor Goon!

Presented by: Halyard Brewing 

Sound/Mix: Glenn Michael Van Dyke
Film/Edit: Josh Hansbrough