It’s the new craze. And all the surfers are doing it. A select few Northeast Florida loggers are, at least.

This distinctive dance entails riding self-shaped equipment and grooving to your own beat. And it’s perhaps best exemplified by Ryan Conklin, who has earned a reputation for his stylish moves on all manner of equipment–most of which is shaped by his own hands under the Tango Surfboards label. Conklin’s handiwork has earned its share of converts in Northeast Florida. And this new short by local filmmaker Luke Kothera, featuring Ryan and brother Pat, plus Saxon Wilson, Skye Blumenfeld, Parker Sawyer and more, is likely to inspire even more to try their hands at the Tango Slide.

Click play to watch Ryan “Tango Slider” Conklin do his unique dance.

Tango with Tango from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.