Flagler Beach might very well wear the crown of Florida’s hottest of surfing hotspots. From super style-y young loggers Saxon Wilson and Skye Blumenfeld to wunderkind Carl Burger and craftsman Ryan Conklin, there is certainly something in the waters that lap against the Flagler pier these days. Lots of talent, to be sure!

Perhaps no surfer has drawn the eye of the surf world lately to this oft-overlooked yet surf-obsessed hamlet more than Robbie McCormick, AKA Rastaa Rob. McCormick’s aerial antics and IG notoriety earned him a spot in the recent super-secret Red Bull Night Riders contest at the Hanna Park Poles in November. And last week McCormick made his debut for surf-adjacent rolling papers brand Log Wraps with the cheekily titled “High Lines.”

The short, featuring McCormick whipping up his singular blend of spins, blasts, and tunnels in front of the aforementioned Flagler pier comes highly recommended (it even earned a shoutout from the folks at Stab Mag).

Click play to see why everyone is buzzing about Rastaa Rob.