Social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines, and a hell of a lot of uncertainty: This open-ended global pandemic has been tough on us all. For Beaches-based renaissance man and multi-hyphenate, Antoine (Tony) Prat–a guy whose many artistic outlets (artist-musician-DJ-videographer-surfer-artisan) tend to bring him in actual physical proximity to other human beings on a nightly basis in our pre-COVID world, the constraints placed upon our gathering places by Phase II restrictions have got to be a tough pill to swallow.

But shed not a tear for Prat. The perennially productive artist has stayed busy, retreating to his fantasy factory and focusing his attention on an experimental solo project, aptly named The Tony Prat Experience. And it’s been fruitful, starting with a nearly one-hour long live set of ambient samples and crunchy guitar riffage from his warehouse production space in April.

A new song and video “EveryBody WronG” finds Prat stepping into even more experimental territory, with a languid, minimalist tune and decidedly creepy video. And while he may be withdrawing inward–the song and video were produced by an army of one–“EveryBody WronG” certainly takes time to project outward. “Everybody right, everybody wrong, carrying on and on,” he declares in the song’s opening salvo in a kind of sluggish talking-blues, before scolding, “Nobody’s right.”

While he may have had his fill of the world at-large, speaking for the masses, Tony: We’re listening. And we’d like more, please!

Click play to see what the Antoine, AKA the Black Magic Priest, has been up to.