For the last two weeks, Void’s famed Arts and Music scribe, Dan Brown, has been touring the Northeast and Midwest, adding a thunderous backbone to the folky, psychedelia of transatlantic quintet, One Eleven Heavy. The band’s been playing small to midsize clubs on the strength of its members’ indie street cred (our own Brown, formerly of the artsy ’90s alt-rockers Royal Trux) and the group’s first release Everything’s Better (Kith & Kin), which The Wire called, ‘An unabashed, triumphantly affectionate recreation of what Gram Parsons called Cosmic American Music – the country, folk and blues-informed psychedelic rock of the late 1960s and early 70s.’

As the positive press keeps on rollin’ in, the band continues to ramble ’round the country, playing Nashville on Monday, where the video below was recorded. Watch One Eleven Heavy get loose on the jangly opener from Everything’s Better, “Old Hope Chest” at Betty’s Grill and check out the full album, here.