Less heralded (or at least discussed) than Jacksonville to the north or New Smyrna Beach to the south, Flagler Beach may be one of the most underrated surf scenes on the Atlantic Coast–a coast that is, itself, oft-overlooked.

But there’s always been something in the water in this sleepy beachside hamlet (four-time World Champ, Frieda Zamba, hails from FB!). While it’s hopefully not some tepid runoff from the annual Spring Break debauchery in nearby Daytona, if you’ve seen some of the surfers the town has produced of late, you might wonder if St. Aug’s Fountain Of Youth might very well be leaking into a shared aquifer.

There’s a youth movement underway in FB, led by surfers like Saxon Wilson and Ryan Conklin. Throwbacks to be sure, they ride heavy, ’60s-style logs, often self-shaped, and do the kind of jivey dance that their West Coast forebears, at say Malibu, would certainly have found bitchin’. They’ve also committed themselves of late to a fairly vagabond-ish surf life, popping and standing out at the burgeoning scene of Non-Sanctioned Longboard Tour events–Mexi Log Fest, Single Fin Mingle, etc.–that promote such styling.

Saxon Wilson in Hawaii || Screen grab from “Friends for Fun.” || Film by Max Beyer

Wilson, for his part, has caught the eye of surf media (READ OUR PROFILE OF SAXON FROM LAST YEAR), shining in front of the lens of a handful of globally-shared surf clips. The latest, “Friends for Fun”, finds Wilson in Hawaii, alongside scion of the Tudor legacy, Tosh, and switch-stance wizard Zack Flores, each cruising in a clip that–if it weren’t for the high definition quality–looks like a lost section of 1972’s Five Summer Stories.

The clip is currently playing on Surfer Magazine’s Insta. Hit play below to watch.

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