Lights! Camera! Acid! The first music video from local garage-psych-inscrutables Kairos Creature Club (KCC) is also their first single for Brooklyn, NY label Greenway Records. And that’s where any semblance of promotional normalcy disintegrates. A “Visual Maze” directed by Brit Phelan, “Voodoo Success” is an interactive “choose your own adventure”-style experience with a plucky opening invitation to “Choose Wisely…or Die,” as you ready yourself to guide the protagonist(s).

At the first fork in the road, I chose “I Don’t Do Drugs” (because I’m a spiritual behemoth) but that doesn’t matter as I was still flung into a house party scene where everyone else was high as an auctioneer’s suspenders and playing tonsil hockey, getting their faces painted, looking at a pancake with an eyeball in it, etc. The storyline, like most, is based on spontaneous morality. Also, the video conveys parties as Jacob’s Ladder hellscapes; to which I heartily agree. That’s the last of the spoilers. Shot on location at the Hotel Palms (Atlantic Beach), Momo Showpalace (Jax), and Sarbez! (St. Augustine) and featuring an epic cast of dozens, “Voodoo Success” is max-local.

Details are sparse, but here’s what we know about Kairos Creature Club: The project–which is referred to by members as a multilevel interrogative self-enlightenment organization–was founded by (Clockwise, L-R) Matt Shaw (The Mother Gooses) Glenn Van Dyke (Boytoy), James Rubia (Animal Clinic), and Lena Simon (La Luz). || Photo: Tenny Rudoplh

But don’t let the trippy eye treacle distract you from the music itself; along with being infuriatingly photogenic, KCC are an almost-annoyingly talented group. “Voodoo Success” sounds more like Can or Faust than any current bumbling Bandcamp-anchored-rockers and the fact they framed this song in a claustrophobic “Party at Catherine Deneuve’s pad in Repulsion” environ is just more weird icing on the breathing cake. PS: I died every time I watched this video.

There will be an outdoor screening of “Voodoo Success” at Root Down in Five Points on Friday, Aug. 14 at 9pm. The video will open for What the World Told Donny a short film by Cherry Springer frontperson Jake Fairbanks. Masks required.