We know Trent “Tarpits” Phillips has style and flow. But can he spit? A talented skater, and surfer comfortable on all manner of craft, the Clean Ocean Surfboards shop-pro also shreds sludge-y metal with his band TANSIT, dreams up creepy little illustrations, and cranks out zines. Oh, he’s also crack skate journo, contributing to this very publication as our Skate Columnist, of late.

A multi-hyphenate if there ever was one, Tarpits surfing has earned him admiration beyond our little surf hamlet, as he’s popped up in edits shared by Surfer Mag, NobodySurf, and others. His latest surf short comes at the distinctive hands of filmmaker Ryan Cannon (whose Log Rap series–which, as the name suggests–pairs classing longboarding with a hip hop soundtrack) and features Phillips surfing around California and water-dancing to a Notorious BIG/Miley Cyrus mashup. No, MC Tarpits doesn’t spit on the track. But if he wanted to, we’re sure he’d do so withย  style and flow.

Click play to watch Phillips do the Log Rap.