Odds are you already know that former pound-for-pound, number one boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC Champion Conor McGregor will be engaging in 12 rounds of fisticuffs on Saturday. With the insane amount of coverage this fight has garnered, from the over the top press tour, sparring scandals and the pinstripes heard ’round the world, it’d be pretty hard not to know Mayweather/McGregor was happening.

For MMA fans, Mayweather vs McGregor is a chance to legitimize the sport and eclipse boxing, if it hasn’t already. For boxing purists, the fight is billed as a circus, money grabbing publicity stunt. Sure, both fighters stand to make at least $100 million for what amounts to maybe a half-day of work (if you don’t count the last few months of s**t talking). But the stakes are still very high.

Mayweather is risking his perfect 49-0 record. If he wins, he passes former heavy-weight champion Rocky Marciano with the best record in boxing history. In the event of a McGregor upset, he’d be immortalized as one of the greatest athletes of our era, beating arguably the best boxer of all-time at his own game. And for us viewers, it’s just another chance for Saturday night FOMO.

For all anyone knows, the fight will go as most analysts expect, with Mayweather winning in dominant fashion over 12 rounds. But McGregor is such a polarizing figure, and one of the few mainstream stars in combat sports, that the what-ifs are too much fun to not take seriously.

Whether or not Mayweather/McGregor delivers on the hyped up historic action, it’s built up enough momentum that you probably don’t want to miss it. But you also probably don’t want to spend too much money on the “Money Fight,” and if you haven’t found friends to split it with … we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at some bars and restaurants that will have watch parties around the area.

Sports Bars

Events like Mayweather/McGregor are great to watch in groups. You get the excitement of a rowdy crowd that makes the action (or lack there of) better than watching alone. Miller’s Ale House (Southside) will start charging a $25 cover after 9 p.m. So if you get there before the Main Card starts, you may luck out. Sneakers offers the chance to reserve a seat beforehand. Seats must be reserved and paid for in advance, in person. So just stop in before the fight. Also in the Jax Beach area, Graffiti Junktion will air the fight. You can buy tickets online, $15 presale, $20 at the door and $30 to reserve your seat.

Craft Beer or Cocktail Lounge

If the sports bar atmosphere sounds like too much hassle, you could always go for a more laid back vibe and actually have a chance to see what’s happening. River City Brewing Company is offering online tickets for its watch party at $20, but act fast. The price will jump to $30 on fight day. Nothing like a nice victory cigar, eh? If an old school, smoky environment with cocktails sounds like fight night to you, then check out the offers from Downtown Cigar Lounge. $25 VIP access for DCL members and $25 general admission tickets for everyone else. This is a ticketed event only.

Irish Bars

Maybe you’re looking for that upset and want to be in the right place to celebrate (or commiserate) with your fellow “Mystic Mac” fans. Fionn MacCool’s doors are open and the Guinness is flowing. There’s a $25 cover for pre-purchase of tickets and seat reservation (in-person purchases), $35 at the door. The Tilted Kilt (Scotch-Irish … close enough) in Southside will charge $20 per person at the door.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could always bite the bullet and pay the $99.95 for pay-per-view. Just make sure to get it in HD, stock up on beer and food, and then, you know … invite us.