In early September Duval artist collective LO.V.E. Culture released the very good Hip hop collection, Vol. 2, a clear evolution of the group’s sound but a continuation of its consistently progressive message. Individually, the group’s members can stand on their own, as evidenced by the string of solo projects released between L.O.V.E. Culture’s debut (Vol. 1) and 2020’s follow up.  Just as they do on each collaborative track, the group finds a way to make space for one another in the entertainingly retro video for “Slap 5ive”, an exceptional track from the new EP.

Sonically, “Slap 5ive” is red-meat for hip-hop-heads, with a chill-AF mix of jazzy, early-2000s-era underground-hip-hop-centric samples and heady, yet fun lyrics (“Liu Kang, I kick flames!”). The video is even more of a throwback, as Spirit, Easyin2d, Flash the Samurai, Rob Mari, and Che Forreign fill up disparate boxes dancing, vamping on instruments and video game controllers, and ripping blunts, the overarching visual presentation hearkening to the family friendly programming of the mid- to late-60s, à la Hollywood Squares or The Brady Bunch. Filmed and edited by Garrey Agustin, “Slap 5ive” checks all the boxes, a super fun video for a standout track from a very good album. What’s not to love?

Click play to watch one of our fave local Hip-hop acts fill the screen.

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