Jot this down: The equation for this review is Hindu Kush Groove x Kona Skate Park = The Black Toilet. Digging deep into TBT (aka Quanza)’s Soundcloud page is its own weird and rewarding excursion into hyper-chill and spaced-out-hip-hop jollies. Directed by Walker Flocker, the 90-second sleepwalker’s nug of “WhatWhat” serves up a mellow, clacking beat with slippery rhymes. If The Black Toilet is claiming bragging rights, lyrics like “I’m a guru with a bean pie” will put him squarely in the hall of fame of eccentric weird-wordsmiths Kool Keith or Biz Markie. Ditto the video, which features, in part, our suddenly gigantic hero atop the Wells Fargo building in downtown Jax, as well as sitting in a lawnchair, noshing on some cereal on the roof of a parking garage. The beauty of that previous sentence is that we couldn’t have made that sh** up if we wanted to! Verily we say unto you, The Black Toilet is another milestone in primo and tripped-out Duval hip hop.

Follow his on the Instagram: @theblacktoilet

This review originally appeared as a “Local Music Spotlight” in Void Magazine’s Vol. 9, Issue 8 The Photo Annual.